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Double Girder Eot Crane

Empowered by the dedicated service of our highly skilled workforce, we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a qualitative range of Wire Rope Hoist. We manufacture this hoist using high quality raw materials and modern tools under the strict inspection of quality inspectors. Our quality analysts check this Wire Rope Hoist on strength and performance parameters so that we can provide our clients a flawless range within given time frame. We can customize this hoist as per our clients demand and offer them at the cost effective prices.


  • Low maintenance
  • Robust structure
  • Hassle-free operations
  • Can handle heavy loads
  • Maximum Lifting Weight Capacity is 6 ton
  • Maximum Lifting Height Capacity is 30m
  • Construction Hoist Usage
  • Electric Power Source require
  • Competitive Prices
  • Wire Rope Sling Type
  • Lift Speed is 8 approx

Application Areas:

Warehouse purpose, workshop purpose, steel shed purpose, logistic hub purpose, chemical plants, power plants, steel mills, construction purpose, paper mill, petrochemicals plants,engineering works, cements plants

We integrate R&D, mass production and sales under one roof.

Engineering Industry Cranes

Cranes for the engineering sector are crucial for handling, lifting, and moving huge items in manufacturing and engineering settings. These cranes provide effective and secure material handling solutions and are built to specifically fulfil the needs of the industry. They come in a variety of varieties, such as mobile cranes, jib cranes, overhead cranes, and gantry cranes. They are capable of lifting loads ranging from a few tonnes to several hundred tonnes, handling a variety of loads and offering precision positioning. Engineering sector cranes guarantee optimum performance and production while conforming to strict safety regulations since they are outfitted with cutting-edge control systems, safety features, and customised options. They are essential for simplifying processes and enabling the effective circulation of supplies and machinery throughout engineering facilities.

Double Beam EOT Crane

A double girder overhead crane, sometimes referred to as a double beam EOT (Electric Overhead Travelling) crane, is a durable industrial crane that is frequently used for heavy-duty lifting and material handling operations. It has two parallel horizontal girders or beams that are held up by end trucks on either side, increasing stability and load capacity.

A Double Beam EOT Crane includes the following important characteristics and elements:

1. Two parallel girders that cover the breadth of the working area make up the crane's structure. The crane is primarily supported by the girders, which are normally built of steel.

2. End trucks: The end trucks are the structures that hold the wheels or tracks that allow the crane to move along the runway system. They are situated at each end of the twin girders. They give the crane construction stability and support.

3. Hoist: A trolley with the hoist mechanism attached on it moves along the twin girders. The lifting and lowering of the cargo is done by the hoist. Depending on the unique requirements, double beam EOT cranes can be fitted with a variety of hoists, including wire rope hoists and chain hoists.

4. Trolley: Mounted on the two girders, the trolley moves horizontally along the crane's length. It supports the hoisting system and enables accurate load location.

5. Control system: Double Beam EOT Cranes are frequently fitted with a control system that gives operators full command over the crane's movement and use. Features like pendant controls, radio remote controls, and variable speed controls could be included of the control system.

6. Safety features: Double Beam EOT Cranes are outfitted with a variety of safety features to ensure safe operation. These could consist of audible or visual alerts, limit switches, emergency stop buttons, overload protection, and anti-collision systems.

7. Customization is possible with Double Beam EOT Cranes to fulfil particular needs and applications. Different load capacities, spans, lifting heights, and operating speeds can be incorporated into their design. Additionally, they can be fitted with features like automated controls, sophisticated monitoring systems, and auxiliary lifting mechanisms.


Steel mills, foundries, power plants, and construction sites are just a few examples of the types of businesses that frequently use double beam EOT cranes for their heavy lifting and precision material handling needs. They are ideal for moving big, heavy goods over long distances because of their high lifting power, stability, and adaptability. 


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