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EOT Crane

Also referred as bridge crane, EOT Crane is basically overhead material lifting device which is designed with runways positioned in parallel direction. The gap of these runways is filled via travelling bridge that contains hoist. Its application can be noticed in warehouses and plants. Offered in different lifting capacity based specifications, this crane is made of high strength steel. Its end beam is attached to the girder via bolts or by adopting welding method. Electricity driven hoist of this system has wide coverage area. Components like gear, box bridge and trolley of this EOT Crane indicate about its ergonomic design and smooth operation. It uses a number of insulating parts to avoid electrical current during transferring of goods via its lifting hook. 

Provided EOT Cranes are the most common sorts of overhead cranes, or called bridge cranes, which are rendered with parallel runways. These cranes are operated by electricity and are extensively employed in the workshop, warehouse, and stock ground of industrial as well as mining enterprises for unloading, loading, or relocating heavy loads. These cranes are accoutered with the mechanical means and can raise as well as lower the heavy load effortlessly. These are employed in the combustible or corrosive environment without any perturbation. These are employed with single as well as multiple beams which can traverse along supportive gantry rails. Supplied optimum quality EOT Cranes are designed as well as produced systems that can fulfill all lifting requirements. 

Features :-
  • This EOT is equipped with emergency brake and overhead protection arrangement.
  • Trouble free starting and stopping of this crane help to raise productivity.
  • Hassle free running.
  • Compact shape.

Double Girder EOT Crane with Platform

Double Girder EOT Cranes

Industrial lifting cranes called double girder EOT (Electric Overhead Travelling) cranes have two parallel girders supported by vertical columns. When compared to single girder cranes, they have a higher lifting capability and are more stable. These cranes can controllably and precisely carry huge loads because they are made for heavy-duty applications. They have a hoisting device that travels along the girders, usually an electric wire rope hoist or chain hoist. The hoist can move horizontally thanks to the trolley mechanism. In sectors including manufacturing, construction, and logistics where huge loads need to be safely raised and delivered, double girder EOT cranes are frequently utilised. For material handling operations, they offer dependable and durable solutions.

Box Girder EOT Cranes


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