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Goliath Cranes

As a profound manufacturer, exporter & supplier, Vikrant Equipments offers Goliath Cranes that ensure cost-effectiveness, productivity and maximum safety in engineering, construction and other applications. These Cranes are self-propelled, and they move on the rails installed at ground level. They provide economical, reliable & effective solutions in various areas including construction sites, warehouses, ports, and steel mills etc. Our Goliath / Gantry Cranes are perfect for the industrial environments, due to their robust, smooth functionality and special protection features. They are engineered keeping core industrial needs, simple installation and high manufacturing standards in mind, so that they exceed the requirements of our industrial customers.


  • Widely used for outdoor applications like: construction area, ship yards
  • Used when rails are installed on ground surface
  • Used to carry materials from outdoor to indoor area
  • Cost Effective
  • Economical solutions- no need of concrete foundations, Runway beam & columns


Application Areas:

Warehouse purpose, workshop purpose, steel shed purpose, logistic hub purpose, chemical plants, power plants, steel mills, construction purpose, paper mill, petrochemicals plants, engineering works, cements plants.

Single Girder Goliath Cranes

only one girder Single girder gantry cranes, commonly referred to as Goliath cranes, are adaptable industrial cranes used to lift and move huge cargo outdoors or in locations where overhead crane systems are impractical. Construction sites, shipping yards, and other outside applications are where they are most frequently employed.


The primary characteristics and elements of single-girder Goliath cranes are as follows:

1. Building: a single girder The working area's width is covered by a single horizontal girder in Goliath cranes. A gantry structure is made when the girder is supported at each end by vertical legs or columns. Steel is typically used for the structure's strength and longevity.

2. The crane's wheels or tracks that allow it to move along the ground or rails are placed in the end trucks, which are at the bottom of the vertical legs. They give the crane construction stability and support.

3. Hoist: A trolley that moves along the girder's length is attached to the hoist mechanism. The lifting and lowering of the cargo is done by the hoist. only one girder Depending on the unique requirements, Goliath cranes can be fitted with a variety of hoists, including wire rope hoists and chain hoists.

4. Single girder control system The control system that Goliath cranes normally have enables operators to manage the crane's movement and activities. Features like pendant controls, push-button buttons, or radio remote controls could be part of the control system.

5. Single girder Goliath cranes are outfitted with a number of safety elements to ensure a secure operation. Overload protection, emergency stop buttons, limit switches, and audible or visible alerts are a few examples of these.

6. Customization: Single-girder Goliath cranes may be altered to suit certain needs and uses. Different load capacities, spans, lifting heights, and operating speeds can be incorporated into their design. They can also come with extra features like anti-corrosion treatments, remote monitoring systems, and outside weatherproofing.

Only one girder For lifting and moving huge goods in open or outdoor spaces, Goliath cranes offer effective solutions that are flexible and adaptable. They can handle heavy and unwieldy materials and have high lifting powers. They are frequently utilised in many sectors for effective material handling operations because of their reliable structure and versatility. 

Goliath Gantry Cranes

Application of Goliath Gantry Crane can be noticed in ship yards, construction sites and also in various industrial areas for handling bulk goods from outdoor to indoor areas at minimal time and operating cost. One of the main advantages of Goliath Gantry Crane is that, there is no requirement to set up concrete foundation or column or runaway beam for its installation. Its single girder based version is suitable for handling maximum 15 tons of load and its double girder based variant can bear up to 150 tons of materials without any fail. Commonly referred as portal crane, this material handling system is accessible in free standing design.

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