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Underslung Eot Crane

The crane bridge of an underslung EOT (Electric Overhead Travelling) crane is suspended below the runway beams. It is made to handle materials effectively in spaces with little headroom. The underslung layout makes the most of vertical space and makes it simple to transport goods all the way down the runway. These cranes are frequently used for lifting and moving huge goods in industrial environments, warehouses, and workshops. They are useful for a variety of material handling applications due to their large lifting capacity, easy operation, and precise control.

Double Girder Underslung Cranes

Industrial lifting cranes called double girder underslung cranes have two parallel girders beneath the runway beams. Underslung cranes are suspended from the runway beams, as opposed to conventional overhead cranes, which have the girders positioned on top of them. This allows for the greatest possible vertical hook height and the most effective use of available space.


The main characteristics and advantages of twin girder underslung cranes are as follows:

1. Double Girder Design: Compared to single girder cranes, the crane has two parallel girders that boost strength, stability, and load-bearing capability. The lifting of large loads is possible thanks to the twin girder design.

2. Underslung Configuration: To maximise the space available and provide the highest possible vertical hook height, the crane's girders are positioned beneath the runway beams. This arrangement is especially useful in facilities with little headroom or available floor space.

3. Hoisting Mechanism: Double girder underslung cranes are outfitted with a hoisting mechanism that travels along the girders, often an electric wire rope hoist or chain hoist. The hoist enables precise load raising and lowering.

4. Runway Beams: The crane moves along the runway beams, which are the horizontal beams. The runway beams are used to suspend the girders in the case of underslung cranes. The runway beams are firmly fastened to the supporting columns or building framework.

5. Underslung cranes come with a control system that enables users to manage the crane's movement and hoisting activities. Pendant controls, push-button controls, and remote controls are all possible components of the control system.

6. Double girder underslung cranes are used extensively in many different industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, and workshops. They are appropriate for applications that call for heavy lifting and have constrained headroom.

7. Customization: The load capacity, span, lifting height, and control options of these cranes can all be altered to match particular lifting needs. They can be modified to meet the particular requirements of various industrial settings. 


Double girder underslung cranes provide dependable and effective ways to lift and move heavy objects in buildings with little headroom or available space. Their underslung shape and twin girder construction enable enhanced vertical hook height and ideal lifting performance. 

Single Girder Under Slung EOT Crane

Available in 1 ton to 5 ton of load lifting capacity range, this Single Girder Under Slung EOT Crane has been specially designed so that it can be run on gantry girders without using any additional accessories. This under slung crane can be used for buildings with limited space. The design of Single Girder Under Slung EOT Crane has similarity with the design of overhead travelling crane, although its end carriages are made of I section. Offered under slung crane can maintain 1 m to 10 m, 20 m to 30 m and 10 m to 20 m radius span to suit specific application requirement of different industries.

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