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Overhead Cranes

Well equipped with quality inspection and control policy, we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a qualitative range of Overhead Cranes. Our team of experienced engineers manufactures this machine using high quality raw materials which we procure from the authentic and trusted vendors of the market. These Overhead Cranes are widely used in construction and other industries for moving heavy loads from one place to another. To ensure complete satisfaction of our clients we offer this range in various specifications, sizes, capacities and designs as per their requirements.


  • Lift speed is 5/0.8 m/min~8/1.2m/min approx
  • Max. Lifting Height is 3-20 meters approx
  • Crane traveling speed is 2~20 m/min approx
  • Industrial voltage is as per requirement
  • Max. Lifting Load is 12.5 tonne approx
  • As per design is Rated Lifting Moment
  • Easy to use & install
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Longer service life
  • Sturdy constriction
  •     Crane Color is as per order

We integrate R&D, mass production and sales under one roof

Overhead Traveling Cranes

Double girder Overhead Traveling Crane is notable for its simple design. This material handling solution is suitable for managing heavy load at low operating cost. This high frequency crane has been specially developed for large headroom job ( to be precise, this crane is used for handling bulk loads by covering distance between travelling rails and ceiling of building). This high frequency Overhead Traveling Crane can adapt to different working conditions as it is capable to handle loads in different motions to suit specific application requirements. As part of optional features, this overhead crane is offered with variable frequency drive or frequency inverter to adjust its operating speed. Other optional features of this material handling system include master controller based cabin operation, warning horn and bridge light for maintaining safety of machine and operator. 

Single Overhead Crane

A single bridge girder erected on top of a runway structure makes up a single overhead crane, sometimes referred to as a single girder overhead crane. It is a well-liked option for many industrial applications because of its simplicity, economy, and versatility.


Here are some of the main characteristics and parts of a single overhead crane:

1. Single Girder: The crane's bridge is made up of a single, horizontal beam that spans the whole working space. The trolley and hoist are supported by the girder, allowing for runway movement at an angle.

2. Runway System: Installed on raised beams or columns are parallel rails that make up the runway system. A tram system that travels along the rails is used to move the crane along the runway. The necessary coverage area determines the runway's length.

3. Trolley System: The trolley is the device that moves along the bridge girder while transporting the hoist. It allows for the load's horizontal movement, enabling precise positioning inside the working area.

4. Hoist: The hoisting device attached to the trolley is known as a hoist. A motorised drum or chain is used to raise and lower the weight. Depending on the precise lifting needs, the hoist's capacity, speed, and control options can be altered.

5. Controls: To manage the crane's movement and hoisting operations, single overhead cranes are frequently fitted with a control pendant or a wireless remote control. Advanced elements like computerised control systems and automatic positioning may also be found in some cranes.

In many different industries, such as manufacturing, warehouses, workshops, and assembly lines, single overhead cranes are frequently utilised. They are intended for mild to moderate lifting capacities and are perfect for lifting and transporting loads within a constrained space.

Single overhead cranes have several benefits, such as:


  • Cost-effective: Single girder cranes are an economical choice for many applications since they are often less expensive than double girder cranes.
  • Single overhead cranes are versatile and can be used for a variety of lifting operations as well as carrying a variety of loads, including machinery, materials, and equipment.
  • Installation is simple: Compared to more sophisticated crane systems, a single girder crane's design makes installation simpler and quicker.
  • Compact design: Since single girder cranes have just one girder, they require less vertical space and are therefore appropriate for installations with restricted height.


It's vital to remember that a single overhead crane's lifting capacity and specifications depend on the model and maker. The best single overhead crane for a given application can be chosen with the assistance of a crane supplier or engineer. 


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