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Jib Crane

Since our commencement in the year 1983, we are engrossed in manufacturing and supplying a broad series of Jib Cranes in the national as well as international market. Equipped with chain as well as electric slewing gear, these cranes are available in various models as well as weighing capacities to meet the diverse application requirement of our clients. These jib cranes are designed and manufactured by using advanced and latest technology. Our Jib Cranes are highly accredited in the market due to their high load bearing capacity and easy operation.

Jib Crane Types:
  • Self supported pillar mounted type
  • Full cantilever jib cranes
  • Wall mounted type
  • Portable jib crane types
Product Attributes:
  • Potential under boom clearance
  • Provides maximum usage facility
  • Can be install closer to the ceiling
  • Give maximum strength and minimum deflection
  • Tope bearing assembly having tapered roller bearings

Application Industries:

Chemical plants, power plants, steel mills, fertilizers, paper mill, petrochemicals plants, engineering works, cements plants.

Full Cantilever Jib Cranes

A type of industrial crane known as a complete cantilever jib crane has a fully extended horizontal arm or jib that is supported by a vertical column. A full cantilever jib crane's innovative construction enables unfettered mobility and coverage in a particular region without any structural support on the other side of the column.


The following are the main characteristics and elements of full cantilever jib cranes:

1. A vertical column that supports a horizontal jib arm makes up the crane's structure. There is a clear working area below thanks to the jib arm's complete extension beyond the column.

2. Jib Arm: The crane's jib arm, which extends from the column, is its horizontal part. It is normally built of steel and has a 360-degree rotational capability, making it simple to position and transfer weights precisely.

3. Hoist: The jib arm-attached hoist mechanism is in charge of raising and lowering the cargo. In accordance with the particular needs, the hoist may be electric, pneumatic, or manual.

4. Full cantilever jib cranes have the ability to spin 360 degrees, giving them entire coverage of the working space. They can be turned manually or have motorised rotation devices installed for smoother, more accurate movement.

5. Full cantilever jib cranes come with a control system that gives users the ability to direct the crane's movement and use. Push-button controls or pendant controls may be a part of the control system.

6. Full cantilever jib cranes are fitted with a number of safety elements to ensure their safe operation. Overload protection, emergency stop buttons, limit switches, and audible or visible alerts are a few examples of these.

7. Full cantilever jib cranes can be modified to fulfil particular needs and applications. They can be made with various lifting heights, jib lengths, and load capacities. They can also come with extra features like motorised hoists, outreach extension arms, or specialised attachments.


Full cantilever jib cranes are frequently employed in situations when a conventional jib crane is unable to offer the required coverage because of obstructions or a lack of available space. They are especially helpful in factories, warehouses, and workshops where precision load handling and positioning are necessary. Full cantilever jib cranes provide more accessibility, flexibility, and efficiency for material handling activities. 

Pillar Mounted Jib Cranes

Available in maximum 5 ton capacity, Pillar Mounted Jib Crane is used for lifting, lowering and moving heavy load by using ergonomic jib or arm and by maintaining 360/270/180 degree angular direction. This Pillar Mounted Jib Crane basically acts as auxiliary lifting solution installed under main material handling equipment and it is fitted on permanent concrete foundation for maintaining its structural stability. To suit specific material handling requirement of different industries, its jib or arm has maximum 10 meters of radius. This multipurpose column mounted jib crane is considered as the cost effective material handling solution when compared to other types of heavy duty cranes available in the market. 

Industrial Jib Cranes


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